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As we update our website, we would love to have your feedback... What you like, what you don't, what's missing, any input that will help us to make our website more useful for you, your organization and/or your members. You can contact the office directly at 705-840-1818 or via email




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We'd like your input!

At our last board meeting we began a review and discussion of LERN's strategic goals.  Below is our working DRAFT of revised goals, including some possible action items. 

We want to know - are we on the right track? Is there anything missing?  Is there something that you really want to see the Network address?

Strategic Goals

  1. To increase the operational capacity of CSIs
  • lead the development of a service accountability agreement between member CSI and host agency
  • development of Fundamentals of Peer Support
  • Refresher courses and/or regular reviews of current/past learnings, e.g WRAP, Laughter Yoga, etc., LERN to travel to sites upon requests to provide various learnings and/or refreshers.  Krista to prepare refreshers resources, provide more resources
  • Promote and distribute online and free learning opportunities
  • To define the new image and role of CSIs

    • Attend PCSLL, and other relevant committees, workshops, events, system tables, etc.
    • Develop CSI info, brochures, presentation, poster, etc. – get buy-in from PCSLL and OPDI
  • To reduce discrimination and micro-aggression

    •  Develop a northeast-designed anti-discrimination campaign to be distributed to media, buses, etc. (noticing specific and abundant discrimination during crisis) – perhaps do a call-out/contest
    • Use existing resources and distribute to members, elephant in the room
    • Update LERN website regularly
    • Distribute information about micro-aggression and how to address it
  • To increase access to trainings, learning opportunities, workshops, etc.

    • Trauma informed care, Cast Canada
    • WRAP facilitator trainings, advanced facilitator
    • ASIST training
    • WELL training – recovery innovations
    • Budgeting, money management
  • To increase funding
    • pursue various funding opportunities
    • market fee-for-service services to non-member agencies
  • To explore the creation of an online community for peer support
  • The Elephant in the Room (EITR) continues to be offered across the region!  The EITR is an anti stigma campaign developed by Mood Disorders Society of Canada.  The Mental Health Support Network, LERN's southeast Ontario counterpart, entered into a partnership with Mood Disorders to bring this campaign to their communities. 

    LERN is an official partner of this campaign and we are pleased to be able to bring the Elephant in the Room to communities across the northeast.

    The presentation is facilitated by a person with lived experience and consists of a short factual presentation set to music followed by a conversation about mental health and mental illness.  Afterwards, participants have the option to "adopt" an elephant - by adopting the elephant and placing it somewhere visible, we are committing to providing a safe and non-judgmental environment where others can come talk to us about mental health concerns.

    We have members in numerous communities across the northeast who can facilitate this campaign in workplaces, schools, community organizations, etc. To book a presentation please contact our office at 705-840-1818 or via email at






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